About Us

Welcome to The GlobMedTech


Our Vision

Advancing the healthcare sector to new standards via Digital Media.

Our Mission

Devising a reliable Digital Marketing medium for the Digital enhancement of the healthcare sector.

Our Values



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What is GlobMedTech About?

GlobMedTech is an all-solutions under one-roof Digital Marketing platform specially designed for the healthcare sector.

Through GlobMedTech, medical field practitioners can reap the benefits of Digital Media for the personal, institutional, or facility promotion. This goes for the medical equipment manufacturers, surgical instrument developers & medical machinery designers as well.

GlobMedTech is designed in a way that doctors can achieve better audience outreach and gain many more convertible leads.

GlobMedTech provides vivid Digital services that can help doctors reach their set goals.

SOme Numbers

1 K+

How GlobMedTech Came To Be?

Our Story Directly From Us

GlobMedTech is currently a new name in the Digital Market.
But, we have experience in the Digital Marketing field for more than 5 years.
After trying and testing our solutions on clients from multiple disciplines, we decided to branch out into the healthcare field.

Initially, we were handling Digital Marketing under one name only.
Due to the increment in the client’s number under the healthcare field, we decided it was time we created a new platform solely for the healthcare sector, where the doctors shall find it easy to prosper.

We have already helped a lot of practitioners reach their goals to date. We are capable of handling clients pan India as well as internationally.
So, we challenge you to get in touch with us for the best Digital Marketing Services in the healthcare sector.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Why Trust Us?

We are your most trusted partners in Digital Marketing working alongside numerous emergency care units, physicians, dentists, specialists, and medical groups across the world, enhancing their Digital presence & improving their reputation.

 We know exactly what is needed to be done to keep far ahead of the competitors and so we are committed to assisting patient-specific healthcare providers.

We customize each marketing strategy as per the client's current need and help them acquire more leads while keeping the existing ones too.

 Within just 5 years, we have helped several healthcare providers pan India, from solo providers to multi-specialty hospitals boost their patient acquisition while enhancing their online reputation through our robust digital marketing strategies.

Founder's Expressions

Hey there,
You are meeting Ms. Amulya Bhatawadekar, B.E(E&Tc.), an entrepreneur & founder of Digimulya and now GlobMedTech.
As an entrepreneur, I am solely into business development & expansion.
This is not limited merely to my business but I have extended this to my clients as well. Day in & out, I keep strategizing marketing techniques for each of the client's businesses to grow 10x of the capability.
While at Digimulya, we have been handling multiple versatile business domains.
That is where we came across the idea of branching out under a new name just for the healthcare sector. This is where GlobMedTech comes in.
I have personally designed the GlobMedTech platform starting from the basic idea to the finishing, everything has my touch. I am aiming at assisting as many healthcare providers as I can manage. It is my word that every client shall be treated with equal rights and transparency, and their every need will be catered to by GlobMedTech.
GlobMedTech is here to raise you to new standards in healthcare.
Come and extend your wings to fly to a new pinnacle.